Extended Session Prelaunch for Parallels Client

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Session prelaunch, providing ultra-fast logon for users using Parallels Client for Windows, introduced in Parallels RAS 17, is now extended to other platform-specific clients including macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Session prelaunch can be configured to make use of Artificial intelligence (AI) which allows Parallels Client to analyze user login habits to prelaunch Parallels RAS sessions prior to the user’s manual request. This provides a ready-to-connect virtual workspace, significantly reducing login time and thus drastically improving UX. Moreover, session prelaunch distributes the back-end workload, preventing log-on storm during peak hours. In addition, Parallels RAS 18 also includes the ability to exclude specified published applications from prelaunch. This allows organizations to prioritize resource usage better and in line with their LOB applications.



  1. Enable sessions prelaunch via RAS Policies > Session or Connection > Session prelaunch, or from Parallels Client.
  2. Select Session prelaunch Basic or Machine learning mode.


Exclude sessions pre-launch allows you to specify dates on which the pre-launch must not be used. Click on the plus-sign icon and select a date. The list can contain multiple entries.


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