The Remote Help feature in Parallels Access

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Parallels Access™ is an essential tool that enables users to remotely access their personal resources, such as computers, apps and files. However, using Parallels Access to remotely assist a friend or colleague when they encounter issues with a computer used to be somewhat complicated. You would either need to:

Version 6 of Parallels Access resolves this with a new feature called Remote Help. When someone needs help, Parallels Access now makes it easy to add their computer for remote access with just a few clicks. There’s no complicated installation and setup, and no need to share account credentials. Simply share a link directly with the person who needs assistance from the Parallels Access mobile app or from your Parallels Account on the web. 

Adding a remote computer to provide Remote Help

  1. Open this page (you be may be prompted to log in to your Parallels account).

    Alternatively, from your Parallels Dashboard, click Remote Access button under the Parallels Access menu, then click Other Computers

  2. Click Add Someone Else's Computer button to get the shareable link, then click Copy button to copy the link to the clipboard.

  3. Share the link with the remote user whom you are going to connect to. After opening the link in any browser, the appropriate version of Parallels Access agent (Mac or Windows) will be automatically downloaded to their computer.
  4. Next, the remote user should double-click the downloaded file to initiate the installation, then follow on-screen instructions to finish it.
  5. Once Parallels Access agent is installed on the remote computer, it will automatically appear under Other Computers.

  6. At the same time, a message will appear, informing the remote user about who will have the remote access to their computer.

Connecting to a remote computer to provide Remote Help

  1. To connect to the newly added computer, click the button (or the computer icon). You will be prompted to enter a PIN to connect to this computer.
  2. The person in front of the remote computer should get the PIN by clicking Parallels Access icon > Manage Access and provide it to you.

  3. Enter the PIN to initiate the connection. The remote user will see the following notification:

  4.  After they click Allow Access, the connection will be established.
  5. Once the connection is established, the remote user will see the following notification - Remote Connection In Progress
    They will always have the ability to terminate the connection by clicking the corresponding button.

  6. When you finish providing help, just close the tab with the remote connection or close the browser window.

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