RAS Console fails to open after entering the credentials

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RAS Console fails to open after entering the credentials. After clicking Connect it goes to Loading Settings and then returns to the login screen.


Settings.db file is corrupted and RAS Redundancy can't read from it.
[E 00/00000073/T3438/P1114] 09-03-20 14:43:59 - Error in database on execute, error: 11/11, msg: 'database disk image is malformed' command: (SELECT pub_ID, pub_ParentID, pub_Prev, pub_Name, pub_Data, pub_IconID, pub_HDIconID, pub_QKPTemplateID, obj_AdminCreate, obj_AdminLastMod, obj_TimeCreate, obj_TimeLastMod FROM tbl_Publishing;)
[E 07/00000001/T3438/P1114] 09-03-20 14:43:59 - Failed to enumerate published objects.


  1. Stop RAS Publishing Agent and Redundancy services;
  2. Rename the Settings.db file to something like Settings.db_corrupted;
  3. Rename the Settings.db_backup file to Settings.db and start the RAS Publishing Agent and Redundancy Services.

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