Deactivating offline PMM Proxy server

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Unlike the online-activated Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy server, the deactivation of the offline-activated one is a bit more complicated.


- Open SCCM console > \Administration\Overview\Parallels Mac Management\Licenses > Properties:

- Click Deactivate:

- Confirm deactivation:

- Save the offline deactivation request file:

- Click Close:

- At this point, the local installation of Parallels Mac Management is deactivated and this information has to be synchronized with Parallels Licensing Server in order to avoid activation issues. Navigate to Offline Activation and Validation page and submit offline deactivation request file:


- The following message confirms successful deactivation on Parallels Licensing Server:

Parallels Mac Management is now fully deactivated and the license key can be used to activate a different installation.



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