Not enough space on /Volumes/xxx/ContainerToInvert to restore

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Apply OS X Image step fails with error Cannot restore image.

01-06 20:05:11.745 D /TsProcessors:444:307/ /usr/sbin/asr completed (exit code: 1, exit status: 0)
01-06 20:05:11.745 D /TsProcessors:444:307/ stdout: XSTA        start   480     client
XSTA    setup
        Validating target...done
XSTA    metadata
        Validating source...done
        Retrieving scan information...done
        Validating sizes...nx_kernel_mount:1359: : checkpoint search: largest xid 1829, best xid 1829 @ 31

Not enough space on /Volumes/ASRNewVolume_561/ContainerToInvert to restore
XSTA    fail
01-06 20:05:11.745 D /TsProcessors:444:307/ stderr:
01-06 20:05:11.804 D /TsExecutor:444:307/ Step 'Apply OS X Image' failed (Cannot restore image)


Insufficient size of Mac's drive.


If the drive is bigger than the macOS image you are trying to apply, please do the following:

1. On the Mac where you captured the image run these commands in Terminal:
diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk0s2 limits
diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk1 <size in bytes>B

- where <size in bytes> is received from the first command
2. Re-capture the image, re-distribute it and re-deploy.

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