How to create collection based on AD Organizational Unit

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Below steps describe a procedure of creating a Collection with Macs belonging to a specific OU in AD:

- Join Macs to AD and place them into a specific OU which is going to be used for Macs only:

- Then we should run AD System Discovery for Macs to update their properties in SCCM or get added to SCCM if they were not before.

SMS_AD_SYSTEM_DISCOVERY_AGENT should be in place for Agent Name property:

and System OU name:

- After that we are ready to form new collection based on OU:

- specify collection name and limiting collection All Mac OS X Systems and click Next at the bottom of the window:

NOTE: It is fine to use a different limiting collection as long as it has only Mac computers.

- Create Query Rule and adjust Schedule according to scale of your environment:

- Specify Name for the Rule and click Edit Query Statement:

- At the next window switch to Criteria and add one:

- At Criterion Properties window leave Simple Value for Criterion Type and click Select:

- Set System Resource for Attribute Class and System OU Name for Attribute and click OK:

- At Criterion Properties window click Value:

- Choose the appropriate OU and click OK:

NOTE: OUs in this list will be populated only from SCCM database. This can be only triggered by AD System Discovery.

- Once Criterion Properties are populated, click OK and then click OK at Query Statement Properties window:

- At Query Rule Properties click OK:

- You should see that new Membership Rule was added:

- Click Next all the way to Completion and then click Close:

At this point, the collection should start populating as long as Mac devices have properties updated with AD System Discovery.

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