User Notifications started appear for App deployments after PMM upgrade

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After upgrading PMM to v7.1 and higher, there might be a situation when PMM notifications for application deployments which did not pop-up on the Mac before, suddenly started to appear.

Also you may notice that it affects only some of the applications but not all of them.


The issue started occurring because previously notification wasn't properly handled and it seemed to be a silent installation for all apps.

There is a User notification option available in SCCM Console > Overview > Application Management > Applications > Deployment > Properties > User Experience, as per below screenshot:

3 Modes are available for User Notifications:

1. Display in Software Center and show all notifications:

On the Mac you can confirm it from Application Assignment properties in /Library/Logs/pma_agent.log.

Open the logs file with Console Utility on the Mac, click Connect in PMM Client and search for the next string in the log which looks as below:

11-20 20:00:35.662 I /AppPolicyManager:71:307/ Active policy:

Make sure that Assignment Name is exactly the one you are looking for:

AssignmentName = "Firefox.app_1 Mac - test Collection_Install"; (in your case it will depend on particular app name and collection)

It should have below parameters and values:

    UserUIExperience = "true";
    NotifyUser = "true";

It means that User will get a prompt that application is ready to install and also will be prompted if installation process requires restart.

Application will be also available in Application Portal.

2. Display in Software Center, and only show notifications for computer restarts:

Parameters in pma_agent.log will look as follows:

    UserUIExperience = "true";
    NotifyUser = "false";

User will not be notified about installation readiness and application will be installed in the background. If Application requires restart, user will get notification with an option to postpone it.

Application will be available in Parallels Application Portal.

3. Hide in Software Center and all notifications.

Parameters in pma_agent.log will look as follows:

    UserUIExperience = "false";
    NotifyUser = "false";

No notifications will be displayed. Installation will performed silently.

Application will not be available in Parallels Application Portal.

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