What's new in Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac?

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macOS Mojave

    •    Ready and optimized for the highly anticipated release of macOS Mojave (10.14) and Windows 10 updates.
    •    Be ready for Dark Mode, as well as security and privacy feature updates. Plus, from your Windows applications, seamlessly experience Quick Look and Continuity Camera with your iPhone®.

Free up More Disk Space

    •    Parallels Desktop 14® for Mac makes it easier than ever to get back space on your Mac! Get up to 20 GB back with new disk usage optimization. Automatically reorganize your virtual disk to increase limits for optimal storage savings.
    •    The “Free up Disk Space” notifications display how to archive data and reclaim space—plus, you can utilize Clean Drive in Parallels® Toolbox to save even more space.

Graphics Improvements

    •    Stay up to date with changes to video memory allocation and improved OpenGL support. Launch even more applications and popular CAD programs without slowing down your Mac.
    •    New! Run SketchUp Pro, OriginLab, DIALux 8, DELFTship, CTvox, and more on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 14.

Touch Bar

    •    Get additional support with the Mac Touch Bar™ for Windows and Windows applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Visual Studio, OneNote, and Visio.
    •    Plus, continue to use the Touch Bar Wizard (introduced in Parallels Desktop 13) for advanced customization options.


    •    Up to 35% faster starting Windows and applications
    •    2x performance improvements with AVX512 support
    •    Suspend on APFS formatted disks is up to 30% faster
    •    Start Parallels Desktop up to 80% faster
    •    Snapshots in Parallels Desktop 14 take up to 15% less disk space
    •    The lightest, fastest Parallels Desktop release yet!
Visit the What's New page for more details on new features and improvements in Parallels Desktop 14.

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