VDI Host Configuration

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To configure a VDI host:

  1. In the RAS Console, navigate to Farm / Site / VDI Hosts.
  2. Select the Virtual Desktop Hosts tab page in the right pane.
  3. Select a VDI host in the VDI Hosts list and click Tasks > Properties. The Host Properties dialog opens.

Enabling or disabling a VDI host in the farm

By default a VDI host is enabled in the farm. When it is disabled, published applications and virtual desktops cannot be served from it. To enable or disable a VDI host, use the Enable Host in site option on the Properties tab page.

Configuring VDI host connection settings

The following settings can be configured on the Properties tab page:


Specifying credentials

On the Credentials tab page, specify the user name and password to log into the VDI host. Click the Check Credentials button to verify the credentials that you've entered.

Configuring the RAS VDI Agent on the server

RAS VDI Agent can be configured on the Agent Settings tab page.


Configuring RDP printing

The RDP Printer tab allows you to configure the renaming format of redirected printers.  The format may vary depending on which version and language of the server you are using. Select the RDP Printer Name Format option specifically for the configured server:

The other RDP Printing options available in the RDP Printer tab  are:


Configuring VDI host maintenance time window

The Scheduler tab page allows you to create a maintenance time window for the server. During this time, published resources won’t be accessible from that server.

To configure a maintenance time window click Tasks > Add and then set the following options:

The On disable option allows you to specify what should happen to current sessions when a scheduled task triggers.

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