VDI Host and Agent Setup (version 16.5)

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A VDI host is a server on which a hypervisor is running one or more virtual machines, also known as guest VMs. Each VM runs an operating system - the guest OS .

Note:- Parallels RAS supports Windows as a guest OS only. A list of supported hypervisors can be found here



The RAS VDI Agent provides an interface to manage a hypervisor through its native API. In Parallels RAS v16.5 and later, RAS VDI Agent is built into the RAS Publishing Agent, so it is already installed in your RAS farm and is ready to be used to manage one or more VDI hosts. Some limitations apply as described below.

Almost all of the hypervisors supported by Parallels RAS can be managed via the built-in RAS VDI Agent. The hypervisors that cannot use it are:

This means that for the two hypervisors listed above you must deploy a dedicated RAS VDI Agent as a separate step. For other VDI technologies, you have a choice of using the built-in RAS VDI Agent or installing it separately. The difference is as follows:



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