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Using URL Schema variables to add and configure connection

  • Parallels Remote Application Server

You may use a special URL to create and configure connection in Parallels Client for any supported OS:


User will need to open it in browser, and then Parallels Client will recognize it and will give user a prompt to add a connection.


If allowed, it will create a new connection in Parallels Client with specified options.

Below you may find full list of available URL Schema variables in version 15.5 and newer:

  • Command = "LaunchApp";
  • Server = (server IP or FQDN);
  • ConnType = "0" (RAS) or "2" (RDP), optional; default value is RAS;
  • ConnMode = "0" (Gateway), "1" (Direct), "2" (Gateway SSL), "3" (Direct SSL);
  • Port = (port number, e.g. 443);
  • Connect = "NO" (do not auto connect on launching URL), "YES";
  • Save = "NO" (do not save in the connections list), "YES";
  • UserName = (a string, optional, e.g. RASuser);
  • EncPass = (encrypted ('hashed') password. If this key will not be set, user will be prompted for password when connecting). Encrypting utility is provided on demand by Parallels Support..
  • Alias = (friendly name for a connection, a string, optional, e.g. My_RAS_Connection);
  • Backup = (secondary server IP or FQDN, optional);
  • AppID = (application ID to launch, useful only if Connect is not "NO". Can be figured out from RAS Console → Publishing);
  • To save a connection, set Save to "YES" and Connect to "NO" at the same time.


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