RDS Agent is not going back to "Enabled" state after scheduled "disable server" task

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[I 04/00000000/T000008A8/P00000854] Mon May  7 13:08:18 2018 - [Disable]  Scheduled Stop: Mon May  7 13:08:18 2018
[W 04/00000012/T000008A8/P00000854] Mon May  7 13:08:18 2018 - Disabled Agent, Code 4, Reason Disabled: Scheduled stop


Parallels Development Team is aware about this issue and working on the resolution.


To refresh the RDS Agent state, do the followin on the affected RDS machine:

1. Delete the following registry keys from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software\\ Wow6432Node \\ Parallels \\ TSAgent

2. Restart RD Session Host Agent service

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