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RDS Agent is not going back to "Enabled" state after scheduled "disable server" task

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 16.2


  • RDS Agent is not returning to active state after "Disable server" or "Disable Server Group"  scheduled tasks.
  • The following entries can be found in tsagent.log (Located on RDS server, at C:\ProgramData\Parallels\RASLogs):
[I 04/00000000/T000008A8/P00000854] Mon May  7 13:08:18 2018 - [Disable]  Scheduled Stop: Mon May  7 13:08:18 2018
[W 04/00000012/T000008A8/P00000854] Mon May  7 13:08:18 2018 - Disabled Agent, Code 4, Reason Disabled: Scheduled stop
  • CPU&RAM and Session counter are not being sent to RAS Console
  • Issue still exists even after deleting task from Scheduler


Parallels Development Team is aware about this issue and working on the resolution.


To refresh the RDS Agent state, do the followin on the affected RDS machine:

1. Delete the following registry keys from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software\\ Wow6432Node \\ Parallels \\ TSAgent

  • SchedSett
  • SchedState

2. Restart RD Session Host Agent service

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