How to manually collect logs from HALB appliance

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If for any reason it is impossible to retrieve HALB appliance logs via RAS Console, follow these steps:

  1. Press ALT-F1
  2. Login as "root" using password "Pa$$w0rd"
  3. Run the following commands in the shell:

        sed -i 's/"0"/"1"/' /etc/sysconfig/current/logging reboot
  4. Once the appliance reboots, reproduce the issue, repeat steps 1+2, and zip the logs:

    /usr/local/tuxsetup/bin/tuxset gen_debug
  5. The log zip will be placed in the /root/ directory, to retrieve it you need to enable ssh:

     sed -i 's/"0"/"1"/' /etc/default/ssh service ssh start 
  6. Retrieve the zip using scp.

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