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How to create a new Load Balancer in AWS

  • Parallels Remote Application Server


Parallels Remote Application Server is compatible with standard AWS Load Balancer. This options allows to use HTML5 Gateway and other available Clients.

In AWS Console create a new Load Balancer request and select this option:

Once you click on create, create a name (i.e. RAS-Classic), point it to your VPC and all ports 80 and 443 (for secured connection):

It is recommended after testing remove port 80 from the AWS Load Balancer. The next step is assign the security groups. You can either use the existing groups you have created for your VMs (allowing only 80/443 from the internet):

Make sure the Health Check metric is set for port 443:

Add your instance(s):

Give a few minutes and check if the VM status/mapping is working:


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