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How to enable Drag&Drop in Remote Application Server v16.2

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 16.2


Remote Application Server v16.2 introduced a new Drag&Drop feature.

Currently, Drag&Drop allows redirection of local (client-to-server) drag and drop actions.

Drag&Drop is enabled per RD Session Host, via RAS Console > Farm > RD Session Hosts > Properties > Agent Settings.


  • No actions are required from Parallels Client side to enable Drag&Drop.
  • Drag&Drop works only for local to remote, vice versa functionality is currently not supported.
  • Drag&Drop works only if "Use RemoteApps if available" feature is disabled.
  • Currently the Drag&Drop functionality is only supported on Parallels Client for Windows and Parallels Client for Mac.

To enable Drag&Drop on Parallels Client for Mac, share the local disk drive (Parallels Client > Connection Properties > Local Resources > Disk Drive > Configure).

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