Unable to create RAS Template from VM running on Citrix XenServer. Error 0x0000270F

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Unable to add RAS Template. It fails with the error:

Template was not created

The following error can be found in VDSAgent.log (C:\ProgramData\Parallels\RASLogs):

    [E 0C/00001009/TB1EFFB70]   Citrix XEN Error id 0x0000270f - VM_IS_PART_OF_AN_APPLIANCE ( OpaqueRef:9712807b-5ad7-39cf-a058-52f8ce979f88 OpaqueRef:6e29d163-ad45-1f83-598f-0d26b70a03c0 )
    [E 0C/00001009/TB1EFFB70]   CitrixXENServer error occured. (Generic error code = 0x0000270F)


Affected Virtual Machine enabled in vApp properties.


  1. Open XenCenter > Pool (from menu bar) > Manage vApps.

  2. Select the vApp associated with the guest.

  3. Click on Properties > Virtual Machines.
  4. Clear the checkbox next to the guest.

  5. Click OK > Close.
  6. Proceed with creating the template from RAS Console.

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