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Failed to install RAS component with error:" Remote installation failed with error 1625"

  • Parallels Remote Application Server

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When performing remote installation of Remote Application Server component from Parallels Remote Application Server Console installation fails with error: 'Remote installation failed with error 1625'

Error message


GPO is configured to prevent Windows Installer from running in order to restrict software installation.


Navigate to affected terminal server and run RSoP.msc command in order to review Resultant Set of Policies that will show all policies applied to this particular server. Please note that executing this command may take some time.

Once Resultant Set of Policies window will be opened navigate to following directory:

Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Windows Installer

Locate Turn off Windows Installer policy and check GPO name column to see which GPO defines this particular policy.

GPO name

Locate GPO in question and set value for Turn off Windows Installer policy to Not Configured

Please Note: It may be either Local Group Policy Object or Domain Group Policy Object so only corresponding GPO should be modified accordingly.

In addition please be advised that in case if policy was defined by domain GPO group policy update should be performed on the server in order to apply updated GPO. To force GPO update on the server execute following command:

gpupdate /force

Once policy will be updated head back to Parallels Remote Application Server and initiate remote installation once again.


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