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Parallels Remote Application Server user based licensing

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 16.5
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.5

License Terms for Parallels Remote Application Server

The terms for the user-based licensing model are defined as follows:

  • Licenses based on concurrent users: the number of simultaneous users registered with the system.
  • Current users: the number of simultaneous users currently registered with the product.
  • Maximum number of users: the maximum number of concurrent users registered with the product.

How are licenses are counted?

The below is true when a Parallels connection is established:

  • When a user establishes a session to the Terminal Server from a Parallels Client, 1 license key is consumed. If the same user establishes a session from another device, no additional licenses are consumed.
  • The license is retained until the published resource is closed and session is terminated.

For RDP connections (non RAS Client connections), the following is true:

  • A license is consumed if a session to the server where RAS Terminal Server Agent is established.

For both RAS and non RAS connections, the number of sessions is queried every 1 to 2 hours.

Tolerance period (Grace Period) for Permanent Licenses

Flexible, user-based Parallels Remote Application Server licensing system allows you to customize the total number of licensed users within 30 days of exceeding the maximum. This prevents problems with the upgrade process. When the tolerance period begins, a notification e-mail is automatically sent to the remote application server administrator.

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