Application is not deployed via Application Portal

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The article is related to Application deployment in SCCM.

Using this method applications can be installed automatically or manually. You can deploy the application as 'Required' and the application would be installed automatically. If you deploy an application as 'Available', the users will be able to install the application from Application Portal.

A user should be logged into a Mac so that applications that are deployed as 'Required' could be installed on the Mac. The user should stay logged into the Mac till the end of the installation.

If a user is not logged on or logs off before the end of the installation, the installation will fail and you could find the following entries in the /Library/Logs/pma_agent.log:

    09-04 15:50:34.034 D /SoftwareInstaller:6977:c0f/ No suitable user agents for [PackageId = 'Content_3101bb87-3447-4eb7-87f3-869585f2a271', SourceVersion = 1, Name = 'ScopeId_778A1757-8D67-43A9-AC81-EA42EBEC11F4/Application_7425a5c6-2d91-4e26-89ac-fc4fff848d2f/3']


    09-04 15:50:34.034 D /AppManagerAgent:6977:c0f/ Software installer reported '11' status (INSTALL_FAILED) for 'ScopeId_778A1757-8D67-43A9-AC81-EA42EBEC11F4/Application_7425a5c6-2d91-4e26-89ac-fc4fff848d2f/3/3'

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