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How to collect logs and crash dumps from HALB appliance?

  • Parallels Remote Application Server


How to collect trace logs and crash dumps from HALB appliance?

Installing and enabling SSH server

  1. Login to appliance directly;

    • to login directly you should switch console by pressing ALT+F1.
    • Specify user: root and password (default password is Pa$$w0rd);

      Note: ensure you use the number "0", not letter "o" for the Password. Default password can be changed following this article.

  2. Execute the following commands to install openssh-server:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install openssh-server
  3. Enable SSH:

    • execute the following command to open ssh config:

      nano /etc/default/ssh

    • change string:



    • press CTRL+O to save the changes

      Note: ensure you use the letter "o", not number "0"

    • press Enter to leave the file name unchanged
    • press CTRL+X to close nano editor
  4. Restart SSH executing the following command:

    service ssh restart

Enabling Logging

  1. In Parallels Remote Application Server Console navigate to Farm > HALB > in the right pane switch to Devices tab > right-click the HALB device > Enable logging > hit Apply.

    Note: if logging is already enabled, disable it, hit Apply, enable it and hit Apply again.

Logs can be collected right-clicking on the HALB device > Request Log

Enabling crash dump collecting

To make appliance to collect crash dumps, the following should be done:

  1. Login to appliance directly or using ssh;

    Note: to login directly you should switch console by pressing ALT+F1.

  2. Execute the following command to enable crash dump collecting:

    ulimit -c unlimited
  3. Restart the appliance VDSAgent service executing the following command:

    service 2XHALBAgent restart 

    Note: to disable crash dump collecting, the following command should be executed:

    ulimit -c 0
    service 2XHALBAgent restart 

Next time the crash of 2XHALBAgent occurs, dump will be collected here: /var/opt/Parallels/cwd/core.

Collecting files from Linux Appliance:

To get the dumps from HALB Appliance download WinSCP tool and do the following:

  1. Extract the files and launch WinSCP.exe.
  2. In the Session pane specify Linux Appliance IP address, username and password and click Login.

Note: we recommend copying the whole "/var/opt/Parallels" folder to ensure that all required files are collected.


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