Unable to enroll Macs using Network Discovery.

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Unable to enroll Macs using Network Discovery.


Network Discovery duration is set only to 5 minutes.

Basic start delay of Network Discovery is 299seconds(5minutes), so Network Discovery is hardly able to start.

06-20 07:54:01.530 D /DiscoveryUtils:16740:2490/ Starting discovery procedure

06-20 07:54:01.531 D /DiscoveryUtils:16740:2490/ Duration timeout = 299 second(s), idle timeout = 300 second(s)

06-20 07:54:01.560 D /DiscoveryUtils:16740:2490/ Nmap discovery started successfully

06-20 07:54:01.560 D /DiscoveryUtils:16740:2490/ Process 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Nmap/nmap.exe' started
06-20 07:54:01.647 D /DiscoveryUtils:16740:2490/ Closed stdin for process 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Nmap/nmap.exe'
06-20 07:59:00.575 D /DiscoveryUtils:16740:2490/ Duration timeout expired after 299 second(s)
06-20 07:59:00.576 D /DiscoveryUtils:16740:2490/ Nmap discovery stop requested


Recommended duration of Network Discovery is from 2 to 5 hours.


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