List of approved smart cards

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Approved smart cards:

Vendor  Model Middleware Information

YubiKey 4

YubiKey 5 NFC,
5 Nano, 5C, 
5C Nano


Personal Identity Verification (PIV)
interface specified in NIST SP 800-73

Currently only supported for Parallels Client for Windows

May require driver installation:

Athena IDProtect IDProtect Client

Middleware software is provided with the cards (updates can be obtained from Athena's support)

v6.27.01 hangs the client (both RAS and mstsc) when unloading the driver.

v6.05.04 hangs sporadically on Windows 2008 and the server has to be rebooted.

Gemalto ID Prime .NET IDGo 800

Minidriver is included with Windows, no middleware software installation is required.

Buypass   Net iD

Middleware software is provided by a third-party vendor:

JaCarta   ID Protect Client Tested with ID Protect v6.27.01

Approved readers

Vendor Model
Athena ASEDrive v3
Gemalto GemPC
HWP108765 C
ID Bridge CT30
SCM SCR3310/v2
Stanley Global SGT-111


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