Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SaaS) Model Configuration

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This article describes the licensing configuration steps necessary to enable Parallels Remote Application Server SaaS Edition. A special SaaS license key is required to complete this process.

SaaS Licensing Configuration

  1. Install and configure Parallels Remote Application Server. Please note that Internet connectivity from the Remote Application Publishing Agent server is required.
  2. The Remote Application Server mailbox configuration must be completed before the SaaS service can function. To do this, go to the Console > Administration > Mailbox Setup tab . Click “Apply” once the mailbox configuration is completed, send a test Email to confirm that it is functioning properly.

  3. If license has been converted from Perpetual to SAAS then the following steps need to be carried out such that a new database file is generated:

    • Stop the Publishing Agent and Redundancy Services.
    • Navigate to the installation directory > appdata folder.
    • Rename licensing.db to another filename.
    • Start the services back up. The .db files above will be recreated for you automatically.
  4. To enable SaaS licensing, navigate to the Licensing icon and select “Activate…” to launch the License Activation window. Fill out the form and click “Activate.” When prompted, select “Yes” to synchronize across all sites. You need to be able to connect to and

  5. The SaaS Information window can now be opened by clicking on the “SaaS Info…” button at the bottom of the Licensing screen. Ensure that the mail system is functioning correctly by sending a test e-mail.

  6. The product will automatically send a report every month to with usage information. For a copy of this report, please specify additional emails in the text box provided.

  7. Press “OK” to close the SaaS information window. Once activated, the SaaS licensing is viewable from the Licensing screen.

  8. Finally, within the Native RDP/ICA tunnelling polices, the default rule needs to be set as "none”.

  9. If you do not receive an invoice by the third day of the month, please contact:

SaaS Monthly Usage Reports may be viewed by clicking the “View Report…” button in the SaaS Information window


Parallels Remote Application Server SaaS must be able to send monthly reports to Parallels Software; thus, constant Internet connectivity is MANDATORY. If the product fails to communicate with Parallels Software, contact Parallels Support to rectify the problem. If submission problems are not rectified within 7 days, the product will expire.

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