How to install Parallels Client v15 on IGEL Thin Client

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In case your IGEL Thin Client comes preinstalled with Parallels Client v14.1, please follow steps below in order to update it to v15:

  1. Upload desired version of Parallels Client to a USB drive (for Linux client use *.tar.bz2).

    Note: Parallels Client can be downloaded from this link.

  2. Launch IGEL Client.
  3. Launch console as root user.
  4. Create a new folder "disk" in /media/ folder (/media/disk) with command:

      mkdir /media/disk
  5. Mount USB drive to the folder listed above with command:

      mount /dev/sdb1 /media/disk 

    Note: sdb1 could differ and depends on volume device name located in: System - > Disk utility - > Volume - > Device name.

  6. Navigate to the mounted drive location (/media/disk/) in console.
  7. Extract Parallels Client with command:

      tar xvjf RASClient.tar.bz2
  8. Open new console as user "user"
  9. Run the application with command:


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