Unable to remove MS Office 2016 from Application Portal

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Unable to remove MS Office 2016. Nothing happens when you clicked on "Remove" button in Application Portal.


Detection rules must be modified.


  1. Correct command for removal:

    :/usr/sbin/installer -pkg "Microsoft_Office_2016_Volume_Installer.pkg" -target "/" -verboseR:rm -rf /Applications/Microsoft?[EOPW]*:

    NOTE: [EOPW]* in this command line provides removal of all packages in Applications directory which name starts with "Microsoft E", "Microsoft O", "Microsoft P" and "Microsoft W". Ensure to modify the command line according to your needs.

  2. Please note that detection rules don't work by default. It should be changed:

    • Click on Office application in Software Library -> Overview -> Application Management -> Applications.
    • Open Deployment Types tab in the bottom pane.
    • Right click on Alertus deployment type -> click Properties in opened menu.
    • Switch Detection Method tab.
    • Delete needless clauses. Please check the screenshot as an example:
  3. Remove deployment to the collection and deploy it again. After that update policies on Mac and check the problem.

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