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Netbooting is too slow

  • Parallels Mac Management


  • Netbooting is too slow
  • It takes more than 30 minutes to get to Task Sequence window
  • Netboot server and Mac are located in the same network


This behavior is observed if Mac from which image has been created has OS X version that is different from OS X version installed in Recovery partition.

You can check OS X versions by running pmm_osd_image_builder tool that is used to create a netboot image as described in Creating an OS X Boot Image at page 102 of Parallels Mac Management Administrator Guide:

Note: you can interrupt the process by pressing ctrl+c combination.


Update Recovery partition to the latest build:

  1. Disable System Integrity Protection (required only for OS X El Capitan and later):

    • Boot in recovery mode.
    • Open Terminal from the Utilities menu.
    • Execute the following command:

      csrutil disable
  2. Reboot Mac.

  3. Download the Lion Recovery Update from here in ~/Downloads folder on your Mac.

    Note: Although tool is called Lion, it will work on El Capitan fluently.

  4. Download .app installer of OS X system that is currently installed on your Mac in ~/Downloads folder. We recommend updating OS X to the latest version available and then download installer from App Store.

  5. Right click on the .app installer file > Show Package Contents. Go to Contents/SharedSupport/. Copy the InstallESD.dmg file in ~/Downloads folder.

  6. Download script in ~/Downloads folder.

  7. Open Terminal and give execute permissions to downloaded script:

    sudo chmod +x ~/Downloads/
  8. Run Recovery update

    cd ~/Downloads
    sudo ./
  9. Wait till update is finished and reboot Mac.

  10. Now you can create a Netboot image following Creating an OS X Boot Image at page 102 of Parallels Mac Management Administrator Guide


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