How to run a published appllication using MSTSC.

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In some of the cases Parallels Support may request you to check the behavior of published application via native Microsoft RDP. It is possible to achieve with configured .rdp file and default mstsc.exe client. In this article, we describe an option with mstsc.exe:

  1. Launch mstsc.exe.

  2. Enter Terminal Server hostname or IP address (from where the app is published).

  3. Expand Show Options.

  4. Switch to Programs tab > Check Start the following program on connection and enter full path of app's .exe file and fill Start in the following folder field.

  5. Hit "Connect" and check the behavior (is it the same as using Parallels RDP Client or not?)

You may find the information about Program path and filename and Start in the following folder options in RAS Console > Publishing > %the published application% (in our case: "Outlook 2016")


NOTE: In Windows 10's RDP app (mstsc) the "Program" tab has been removed

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