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Mobile Device Management - Remote Control

  • Parallels Mobile Device Management


Parallels Mobile Device Management allows you to remotely control mobile devices. This feature is currently only available for Android devices. With the remote control feature you can login to the device from anywhere and perform many administrative functions, such as file management, contacts management, issue commands and more.

The Remote Control node allows you to access these features through the Remote Control Web interface. Access the Remote Control web interface from the MDM Portal > Remote Control > Select device.

With the standalone MDM app you are also able to manage your device from a PC browser that is connected to the same local network as your device.

Click on the icons available on the Remote Control interface to begin managing your device.

Full Remote Access


To protect user privacy, when remotely controlling a device from the MDM portal the features listed below are not automatically enabled:

  1. Camera
  2. SMS
  3. Personal Web Server
  4. Wifi Keyboard
  5. Access to the DCIM folder

These features require that the “Full remote access” option is enabled from the MDM App > Settings > Privacy options as shown in the image above.

Remote File Management


The file manager allows you to browse through your Android device’s folders and offers the following functions to the user:

  1. Downloading files from the mobile device to the computer.
  2. Uploading files from the computer to the mobile device.
  3. Delete, Create, Copy and Paste actions for files and folders.
  4. File Preview.
  5. Text Editing.
  6. Sorting and Viewing modes.
  7. Set images as device wall paper.

    Note - Currently for privacy reasons access to the photo folder is prohibited unless the device     user enables “Full remote access” from the MDM Client > Privacy Options.

Remote Camera Control


Click on the “Camera” icon to remotely view a live stream of your devices front or back camera. The live stream will also load on the devices interface allowing the user to end the stream at any time.

    Note -This feature will not work if the device is locked.

Wifi Keyboard


The Wifi keyboard allows you to remotely type text on your device using your PC keyboard. alttext

To use this feature, first enable the Parallels MDM Keyboard according to the next steps:

  1. Click the “Wifi Keyboard” icon
  2. Click “Keyboard selection”
  3. From the device, press “Parallels MDM Keyboard”


If the “Parallels MDM Keyboard” option is not available, press “Choose Keyboards” > Enable “Parallels MDM Keyboard” and run through steps 2 and 3 again.

All text you type into the Wifi keyboard textbox is logged into the device. When completed, repeat step 2 and select your devices default keyboard. Alternatively you can manually set the default keyboard from Settings > Language and Input.

Remote SMS

Read previous SMS threads or send a new text message via the Remote Control web interface just like from your phone and receive a popup directly on your browser when a message is received.


This option is disabled for devices which do not have a valid SIM card.

    Note - Chrome or Firefox desktop notification extension is required for popup notifications

Remote Shell

This allows you to use commands to access the Android’s OS inner workings. The terminal uses unix like commands and is especially useful for developers/ programmers as it allows you to administer Android devices remotely and even configure directory access.

System Logs

Allows you to view the device system logs. The Android OS uses a logging system that keeps a record of what actions the Android OS and the applications are doing on your device or on other devices. Very useful for debugging or tracing the source of problems.

    Note - Android 4.1 and above devices restrict logging to the context of the Parallels 2X MDM         app.

Device Info

Provides real time information about the status of your Android smartphone including, its IP Address, Battery charge and status, Memory status, Network Connectivity details and type, Operator details and sim serial numbers and phone sensor information.


Provides a method of remotely administering your device contacts, allowing you to review, filter, remove and edit already existing contacts, or push a new contact to the device altogether.


Review text currently set in the Android device clipboard and further alter this text or input new text altogether.

Personal Web Server

Allows you to host web pages on your Android device and review them using the Remote Control interface.

To use this feature, first add a static web page named index.html to your device under the following directory /sdcard/Download/.

Next, from the Parallels MDM app:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Press Remote Control
  3. Press Lan Mode Settings
  4. Select Personal Web Server path
  5. Input the directory which the web page was previously saved under, in this case /sdcard/Download/

From the Remote Control web interface, click the Personal Web Server to view the web page.

    Note - The personal web server only supports static web pages.


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