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Parallels Mobile Device Management Release Notes

  • Parallels Mobile Device Management

Update Summary

Parallels Mobile Device Management 8.1 Hotfix 5

Hosted Mobile Device Management 8.1.834

  • Updated Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certificate.

Parallels Mobile Device Management iOS Client 8.1.834

  • Updated Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certificate.

Parallels Mobile Device Management 8.1 Hotfix 4

Parallels Mobile Device Management Server 8.1 (829)

  • Updated Apple Certificates used during the setting up process of push notifications to iOS devices.
  • Increased maximum Android application package size that can be uploaded from 30MB to 60MB

Parallels Mobile Device Management iOS Client 8.1 (825)

  • Updated iOS Redistribution Certificate.

Parallels Mobile Device Management 8.1 (821) Hotfix 3

  • Fixed: Failing to add Android Applications from Google Play from Devices, Application Management and in Group Policies.

Parallels Mobile Device Management 8.1 (820) Hotfix 2

  • Fixed: Failing to Enrol iOS devices due to expiration of provisioning profile.

Parallels Mobile Device Management 8.1 (818) Hotfix 1

  • Added: Retire Device
  • Added: Termination of Account
  • Added: Configurable Data Purging
  • Added: Geofencing
  • Added: Disable App removal iOS
  • Added: Send Data Usage warning
  • Added: License Limit reached/exceeded
  • Added: Aquamail 1.5.7
  • Added: Update of MDM EULA
  • Added: Update of Apple Push Certificates.

  • Fixed: Backend. MDMBackgroundTasks starts automatically on restart even when disabled from server console
  • Fixed: Portal. iOS device without Apple certificate can be locked after selecting Windows device
  • Fixed: Portal. Updating server will show "Failed to map the path '/' " error when trying to access portal
  • Fixed: Portal. Export of reports to CSV will throw exceptionNew
  • Fixed: Portal Map moves when selecting user with keyboard arrow keys
  • Fixed: Portal User invite expired exception was occuring when user is new and user invited expired
  • Fixed: Android Client : Fixed issue with client trying to reconnect when device is rotated.
  • Fixed: Backend. Added error message string when a protocol mismatch error occurs
  • Fixed: Portal .Break in policy interface when closing groupboxes
  • Fixed: Portal. Fixed unsaved changes state when deleting device
  • Fixed: Portal. Apk was shown repeatedly with every refresh when uploaded in portal
  • Fixed: Portal. Unexpected error was occurring when logging in with an account not found
  • Fixed: Portal. Showing error page for IE versions less than version 9
  • Fixed: Portal. Adding users with same email was being allowed
  • Fixed: Portal. Username Text box accepted length is incorrect
  • Fixed: Android Client. Issue with logo appearing on top of icons in Remote Desktop
  • Fixed: Portal. Message history is disabled from server it is immediately remove from menu bar
  • Fixed: Portal. Added checks on duplicate office hours by name, time and days
  • Fixed: Backend. Revoke certificate error was not taking precedence over soon to expire/ expired error
  • Fixed: Portal. Showing warning in renew certificate dialog to warn admin that devices will need to be re-enrolled
  • Fixed: Portal. Resizing Chrome window will not enable scroll bars, so portal interface is messy.
  • Fixed: Portal. Alerts > Alert Type column - Not Sortable
  • Fixed: Backend. Could not load APNS Certificate file error was showing when renewing certificate and its expired


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