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Creating the MDM Accounts

  • Parallels Mobile Device Management 8.0

After completing the file and the server configuration you will need to create an account on which your devices will be registered on.

Setting Up Your Account


  1. You may now set up your Mobile Device Management account:

    • Go to https:///signup
    • Specify an account name. You will use this account name to enroll mobile devices and to log in to your On Premise MDM portal.
    • Specify your name and email.
    • Specify and confirm a password (to login to the account).
    • Read the Terms of Service document.
    • Enter the CAPTCHA and click Sign up.
    • Activate your account by clicking on the link included in the welcome email sent to you.
    • You can now logon to the portal by specifying your account name, email and password at: https:///Admin/Login/LogOnActivate
  2. You are now able to access the Mobile Device Management administration pages through the following URL’s:
    • https:///signup - Used to create accounts in order to further assign and manage your devices.
    • https:// - Used to log into your account, assign devices and further manage them.
    • https:///backoffice - Used to log into the backend of the system and manage the accounts and change system configuration settings.

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