HALB Appliance Installation and Configuration

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The HALB appliance should be imported on a Hypervisor running on a separate machine connected to the same local network as Parallels RAS. Import the HALB appliance on a supported Hypervisor according to the procedure below.

  1. Import the HALB appliance file from the virtualization platform’s management console.
  2. Power up (boot) the new appliance to display the HALB - First boot configuration screen.
  3. Adjust the network settings (if necessary) and click ‘Apply’ to continue.
  4. The Configuration Console is displayed and the HALB appliance is ready to be added to a Parallels RAS farm.

Note: Repeat the process above to create multiple HALB appliances.

Adding an HALB Appliance from Parallels RAS

Subsequent to the HALB appliance installation, proceed to configure the appliance from a Parallels Remote Application Server farm according to the steps below:


Enabling HALB

Log in to the Parallels RAS Console > Farm > HALB. Enable the HALB check box and Configure the fields below:

Select Gateways which will be Load Balanced

Enable ‘LB Gateway Payload’ to load balance normal gateway connections and click ‘Configure’ to bring up the ‘HALB Configuration’ window.

Click ‘OK’ to apply the settings.


Select Gateways which will be Load Balanced.

If required, enable ‘LB SSL Payload’ to load balance SSL connections and click ‘Configure’ to bring up the ‘HALB Configuration’ window.


Configure SSL

To set the SSL decryption process to be performed on the HALB appliance, select ‘SSL Offloading’ Mode and click ‘Configure’. This mode requires an SSL certificate installed on the HALB appliances. Fill in the below to generate a new certificate:

Click ‘Generate new certificate’ and enter the required details. The ‘Private Key file’ and ‘Certificate file’ are automatically populated


Generate Certificate Request

Alternatively click ‘Generate certificate request’, fill in the details required and click ‘Save’ to bring up the certificate request window shown above. Click “Copy” to copy the request.

This certificate request should be sent to a certificate authority. Once you receive the SSL certificate from the certificate authority click on the “Import public key“, browse for the certificate file containing the public key and click Open.


Add HALB Appliance

Next, proceed to add HALB appliances that will be managed by this farm. Click the green plus icon shown above to bring up the ‘Add HALB Devices’ window shown below.


Add Detected or Enter HALB Appliance IP Address Manually

Parallels RAS is capable of detecting HALB appliances over the network and display them, as a list. Selecting detected HALB appliances from this list is the preferred method for adding new appliances. If for some reason, the appliance cannot be detected, you can also add the HALB appliance manually by specifying the appliance IP in the ‘IP Address’ field. Click ‘OK’ to apply the config.

After the ‘OK’ button is pressed, the appliance is initialized and added to the list.


Finalize HALB Appliance Configuration

Finally, click “Apply” for configuration to be applied to all added HALB appliances.

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