High Availability Load Balancing - Hypervisor Prerequisites

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HALB (High Availability Load Balancing) is a software solution that sits between the user and Parallels Gateways. Many HALB appliances can run simultaneously, one acting as the master and the others as slaves. The higher the number of HALB appliances available, the lower the probability that users will experience downtime. Master and slave appliances share a common or virtual IP, also known as VIP. Should the master HALB appliance fail, a slave is promoted to master and takes its place seamlessly without affecting the end user's connection.

Setting up HALB is a 2 stage process; HALB appliance installation and configuration followed by adding an HALB appliance from the Parallels Parallels RAS console.

Hypervisor Prerequisites

Before configuring HALB from the Parallels 2X RAS console, first import a HALB appliance to either of the following Hypervisor platforms; Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Box or VMware. An appliance is a pre-configured virtual machine (including the operating system and other relevant settings).

Virtualbox/ VMware

For Virtual Box or VMware this appliance should be imported with either the OVA or zipped VMDK appliance file obtained from [here] http://www.parallels.com/products/ras/download/server/links/. "title")

If deployed via the OVA file, the VM is applied with machine specifications already configured. Alternatively deployment via the VMDK file deploys the VM without pre-configured specifications. The minimum specifications for this VM are outlined below:

Microsoft Hyper-V

For Microsoft Hyper-V this appliance should be imported with the VDH file obtained from here.2x.com/ras/downloadlinks/.

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