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Visual Studio 2015 project debug failed: Error DEP0700 app registration failed

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  • I am trying to debug a project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 running in Windows virtual machine, and the registration fails with the error:

    Error : DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. Rejecting a request to register from \\[path to file] because the files are on a network share. Copy the files to the local computer before registering the package. (0x80073cf9)


Parallels Desktop Sharing Profile are enabled in the virtual machine's configuration by default. That's why the Documents folder of your Windows user account is "looking" into OS X Documents folder, being a network share folder.



Option #1

You may disable sharing options for the Documents folder of your Windows virtual machine:

  1. Open virtual machine's configuration window -> Options -> Sharing -> Configure... -> uncheck the Documents folder and click OK.

  2. Sign off your Windows user account and sign back in to apply changes.

  3. Now your Documents in Windows are stored within the virtual machine's hard drive.

Option #2

  1. Open Visual Studio's preferences -> Configuration Properties -> Debugging -> in the Debugger at launch: field choose Remote Machine -> set the Machine Name value to localhost

  2. Select Remote Machine in the debugger switch field:

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