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Unable to Register Parallels Desktop 10: check your Internet connection.

  • Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Home Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition


Unable to register version 10 of Parallels Desktop:

Check your internet connection and try again. If the problem persists, follow this link to register your copy of Parallels Desktop.


Issue fixed in latest build of Parallels Desktop 10.


In order to skip the Registration Wizard, activate the license of Parallels Desktop offline:

  1. Disconnect your Mac from the Internet (there should be no connection to the Internet or any other networks).
  2. Start Parallels Desktop installation: double-click on installation image file in ~/Users/<username>/Downloads.
  3. You should have Activation wizard:

  4. Enter your Activation key
  5. Copy Activation ID

  6. Connect your computer to the Internet and insert Activation ID to web page:

After that your copy of Parallels Desktop should be activated successfully.

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