Unable to check for updates

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When I am trying to check Parallels Desktop for updates, the following error appears:

    'Unable to check for updates. Contact the Parallels support team for assistance.'
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Parallels Desktop application cannot connect to parallels.com


  1. Open Finder. In the menubar go to Go to folder, type '/etc/', click 'Go'.

  2. Locate 'hosts' file, right-click it > Get info > Expand 'Sharing & Permissions' tab.

  3. Click the lock icon to allow modifying.

  4. Click '+', select your user account.

  5. Under 'Sharing & Permissions' Click 'Read only' near your account name and change it to 'Read & Write'.

  6. Open Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

  7. Execute:

    cd /etc
    vim hosts
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  8. Press 'E'.

  9. Locate the strings (using arrows) that contain 'parallels' and press 'DD' (double 'D') to remove them.

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  10. After removing all the 'parallels'-containing strings type ':wq' and hit 'Enter/Return to end the modifying.

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