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Removing the Parallels Mobile Device Management agent and profile from an iOS device

  • Parallels Mobile Device Management

While removing Mobile Device Management agent completely from your iOS device, it’s necessary to remove both the agent and the profile.

Stage 1: Removing the Mobile Device Management agent

Find the Mobile Device Management icon on your iPhone screen and then press and hold for 3 seconds.


The icon will start vibrating and a small x will appear on its upper left corner.


Tap the x button. A warning message will appear informing you that Deleting MDM will also delete all of its data. Press the Delete button to confirm the removal of the agent from your iPhone.


Now you need to remove the Mobile Device Management certificate and profile from the device, because push requests can still be sent from the Mobile Device Management server to your iPhone.

Stage 2: Removing the Mobile Device Management profile

Click on the Settings icon on your iPhone screen.


Select the General option from the Settings menu and then tap on Profiles.


Select the MDM profile and for now ignore the Settings Profile.


Click on the Remove button to remove this profile from your iPhone.


When the Profile removal dialog appears press the Remove button to confirm your selection.


The profile will be removed and the other Settings profile from the list will also be removed automatically.

You have just completely removed Mobile Device Management from your iPhone. If you need help adding the Mobile Device Management Agent back onto your iPhone, view KB 123089.


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