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How to associate a published resource with a local filetype extension on a client's machine

  • Parallels Remote Application Server


It's possible to associate a filetype on a client's local machine with a published application. This can be useful when making software available from a Parallels Remote Application Server Farm that is not available locally.

For example, users might work extensively on .docx files, but not have a word editor installed locally. If a word processing application is available and published from a Parallels Remote Application Server Farm, it;s possible to associate these files automatically from the сonsole with the following steps:

  • Identify what filetype/extension the customer is trying to launch.
  • Identify which published application you would like to associate.
  • Associate the extension by setting it from the Publishing pane > Published resource > Advanced tab > Extension setting from the drop down menu.

Once the user logs in using the Client, the association will be placed on the user's local machine. Upon running local .docx files, the published app will launch and allow editing of the document.


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