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How is a user counted in the Parallels Remote Application Server licensing system?

  • Parallels Remote Application Server

How is a user counted?

With the introduction of Parallels Remote Aplication Server v11.1, the way users are counted has changed.

Users are now counted when a resource is opened from the Parallels Client and not when connecting to a gateway.

To make it easier to determine which user is also consuming a license, a new "View Licenses" button has been introduced in the Licensing pane from within the Parallels Console. Clicking on this button will display which users are being counted, as well as their IP and MAC addresses.

When is a user counted?

When a user launches a resource from the Parallels Client, the username information is paired to the MAC address. This pair will count as one license being consumed.

The same user connecting from a different device with a different MAC address will consume a second license.


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