Parallels Remote Application Server activation error: License key activation failed

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Activation fails from the Licensing pane with the error:


Activation of the Parallels Remote Application Server product requires Internet access for license validation on 2X servers. The request is sent to over TCP port 443.

To ensure that activation works, outbound connectivity to over port 443 needs to be confirmed.

Proxy settings, if required, can be filled in from the Proxy Settings accessible from the License Activation window.


A quick test to determine if outbound connectivity is allowed from the machine that runs the Parallels 2X Remote Application Server console can be done by running a telnet test from the command prompt using the following command:

    telnet 443

Telnet comes pre-installed on Windows Server 2003. From Windows Server 2008 onwards, it needs to be added as a Server Feature (Telnet Client) from the Server Manager Console.

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