Error message "Unable to connect to Hard Disk 1. There is no operating system installed" or "Out of disk space" when starting virtual machine

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Virtual machine is locked by the uchg/schg flags which prevent it from starting. To see if the file/folder is locked, right-click it in the Finder > Get Info > and check if the Locked checkbox is ticked.

NOTE: virtual machine can fail to boot if any file/folder within virtual machine .pvm bundle is locked.


  1. In Mac OS X, open Finder, go to Applications folder > Utilities folder, and double-click Terminal.

  2. To remove uchg flags paste the command below into Terminal as is (do not hit return yet):

    sudo chflags -R nouchg
  3. Find your virtual machine in Finder.

  4. Drag <vm_name>.pvm bundle into Terminal and drop it right next to sudo chflags -R nouchg

    As result you will see something like this in Terminal window:

    sudo chflags -R nouchg /Users/appleseed/Documents/Parallels/Windows\ 7.pvm/

    Please note there should be a space between nouchg and /Users/....

    Press return to execute the command. Enter your Mac administrator password when prompted (you will not be able to see the symbols you type) and hit return again.

  5. Do the same to remove schg flags:

    sudo chflags -R noschg <path_to_vm.pvm>

    Terminal command should be similar to

    sudo chflags -R noschg /Users/appleseed/Documents/Parallels/Windows\ 7.pvm/
  6. Run the virtual machine.

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