Unable to register manually installed Mac Client.

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Unable to register manually installed Parallels Mac Client.

The following errors persists in the pma.agent_ui.log:

  02-19 14:30:12.533 I /SvcLocator:37841:223f/ Credential initialized for user@domain
  02-19 14:30:12.533 D /RegistrationAgent:37841:807/ Service locator failed. KRBv5 Error: Credentials cache file permissions incorrect (-1765328190). (2)


Kerberos ticket cache needs to be cleared.


Clear Kerberos ticket cache via this command:

     kdestroy -a


     sudo kdestroy

Parallels Mac Client Wizard should show up itself after pma_agent_ui process starts. You may try to kill pma_agent_ui process to force it to restart.

In addition, in the Wizard this is better to insert only username without @domain and domain\ ________

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