How to use Web Console to establish a computer-to-computer connection?

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Parallels Access allows you to access a remote Mac or Window PC with the help of a Web Console.

You can access the Web Console in your Parallels account.

The list of supported web browsers is available in KB122781.

To access a remote computer using Parallels Access you need to have Parallels Access Agent installed on the remote computer and log in to your Parallels Account on the computer you are using.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest Parallels Access installation file on the computer you are going to connect to:

    • log in to your Parallels account;

    • go to the Parallels Access menu, the Downloads page, select your operating system and downloading will start.
  2. Switch to the Computers page from the Parallels Access menu of your account to see the computer you installed Parallels Access Agent on. You need to be logged in to the Parallels Access Agent on the remote computer.

  3. Click on the computer you would like to connect to.

  4. Click on the account you would like to log in to. Enter the account password and click Login.

    Then you will see the screen of the remote computer and can start working.

You can quit the app by selecting CMD+Q shortcut from the Shortcuts tab on the right menubar or just hold cmd+q on your keyboard.

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