I can print only a test page in Windows

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I am unable to use Printer in Windows.

There might be a different symptoms:



  1. Open Virtual Machine configuration, go to Hardware > Boot Order > and paste in Boot Flags box:

  2. Start your Virtual Machine and check the issue.

In case it does not help,

  1. Go to Mac's System Preferences > Print&Scan > Locate your Printer > Make sure that the option 'share this printer on the network' is selected.
  2. Run Windows and take a snapshot of your virtual machine (in Parallels Desktop menu bar go to Actions > Take snapshot...) before you proceed with the instruction below to be able to revert all the changes.
  3. Reinstall Parallels Tools (Actions > Reinstall Parallels Tools).
  4. Open Virtual Machine Configuration Window > Hardware Tab > Print > Make sure that the options 'Add all Mac Printers' and 'Synchronize default printer' are selected.
  5. At the Mac menu tool bar go to Devices > External Devices > make sure that your printer is unchecked.
  6. Check the issue.

If it does not help,

Please perform the steps from this article.

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