"There was a problem connecting to the server" error

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"There was a problem connecting to the server" error appears when I am working with my virtual machine:

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Aliases for wrong network locations.

An alias in Mac OS X is a tiny file that automatically opens the file, folder, disk, or network volume that it represents. Although an alias in Mac OS X Lion is technically an icon, it’s different from other icons; it actually does nothing but opens another icon automatically when you double-click it.

When you create an alias, its icon looks the same as the icon that it represents, but the suffix alias is tacked onto its name, and a tiny arrow called a badge (as shown in the margin) appears in the bottom-left corner of its icon.


Update Parallels Desktop 10 to the build 10.2.0 (28956):


Direct link for Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac


Open virtual machine configuration > Options > Sharing and disable Shared Profile.


  1. Quit Parallels Desktop.

  2. On the Mac side search for aliases created for network locations in the following directions:

  3. Once you find them, try to open them. If you get the same error, then remove it, because the alias is linked to no longer available network location.

  4. Empty the Trash.

If nothing is found it, probably, is already in the Trash. In that case just empty the Trash.

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