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Parallels Tools installation fails with 'Installer exited with error code 1625'

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition


I am unable to install Parallels Tools. In parallels-tools-setup.log ( located in C: Windows/Temp ) the following errors appeared:

  [G] [ToolsSetup] 2014-07-24 10.20.25  : Installer exited with error code 1625
  [G] [ToolsSetup] 2014-07-24 10.20.25  : This installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator.


Windows internal issue caused by incomplete Windows Updates installation.


NOTE: Please take a snapshot of your virtual machine (in Parallels Desktop menu bar go to Virtual Machine > Take snapshot...) before you proceed with the instruction below to be able to revert all the changes.

  1. Go to Start Menu > at the search bar type 'regedit' (without quotes) hit Enter to run Registry Editor.
  2. Browse the registry to

  3. Create:

    **DisableMSI**, type: **REG_DWORD  value = 0**   

    (0 should allow you to install updates. Originally it was 1) (In particular case the value might be set to 2 so just change it to 0)

For more information, please follow this Microsoft Forum page.

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