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Manual NAT configuration

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I prefer manual configuration for NAT. What are the preferred ports for uPNP?


UPnP and NAT/PMP are similar technologies that enable waking up remote computer over internet This option will work for most home internet connections utilizing routers with NAT, and will not work for corporate networks.

UPnP/NAT-PMP will work only in cases where there is a single NAT between computer and Internet. Make sure your Internet Provider assigned a permanent external IP address to your home network.

Most network routers made starting 2012 have UPnP enabled by default and will provide appropriate port forwarding from external IP address to local IP address. Also make sure the following port ranges are enabled:

UPNP: Allowed internal port range – 1­-65535

NAT-PMP: Allowed external port range – 1­-65535

Apple’s Airport/Time Capsule routers support NAT-PMP. To enable it, launch Airport Utility, go to NAT/Network and select “Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol”.

Network routers can be configured with manual port forwarding as well. For each host on your LAN please forward following ports to the WAN interface:

first_host_ip:9 -> WAN:37370 (both TCP and UDP)

second_host_ip:9 -> WAN:37371 (both TCP and UDP)



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