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Parallels Access: Solving slow or unstable connection problems

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When using Parallels Access app to connect from my mobile device to my Mac or PC, the connection is slow and sometimes even disappears.


The following factors may affect connection quality for both mobile device and a remote computer:

  • The Wi-Fi or 3G signal strength: if a network's signal is weak it may result in an increased number of retransmits required to deliver a portion of data. Seek a place with a good signal strength. If possible, use ethernet cable to connect your computer to the network;
  • The network bandwidth: some network providers may set limits for incoming or outgoing network speed; you may experience low network bandwidth in such public areas as railway stations, airports, restaurant, hotels, etc. Limited bandwidth for incoming connection affects the mobile device the most, whereas the outgoing bandwidth limits affects your remote computer;
  • The current network workload in a specific network segment: the more data are transferred in the current network segment, or the more devices that are connected to the network, the lower transmission speed may be. This is especially relevant for WiFi networks;
  • Mobile device's or remote computer's networking subsystem workload: you may experience low networking performance if your mobile device or/and your remote computer is performing a heavy network activity in background (such as downloading files, or streaming online video);
  • Remote computer's performance: any heavy job running on your computer (gaming, playing video, database indexing, etc.) may result in low system performance, that may result in reducing the data transmittion speed;


  • Check the connection speed in the network segments your mobile device and your computer are connected to. You may use the Speedtest utility available for free in both the AppStore (for iPad or iPhone) and Google Play Store (for your Android device). To check the network bandwidth on your computer please use this on-line solution;
  • Check the network connection quality. On your computer use a ping command in Terminal. On the mobile device use can choose from a range of free Ping apps available both in the AppStore and Google Play Store. Ping one of the public web servers, such as "". Pings must be transmitted within acceptable time frames, without package losses.


In case you experience delayed data delivery to your mobile device or broken connections, please try the following:

  • Use an ethernet cable to connect your remote computer to the network, if possible;
  • Choose a place with a strong network signal if you're using your mobile device out of the home or office;
  • Avoid usage the Parallels Access in public places where providers may set limits for networking connection's speed;
  • Report bad network quality to your network admin if you discovered package delays or losses using ping from your mobile device or/and a computer (see Troubleshooting section above);
  • Avoid heavy networking duty (such as playing video, streaming online content or downloading/uploading files ) in background on your computer or/and moble when using the Parallels Access app;
  • Shut down unnecessary resource-consuming applications on your Mac or PC.

You can also try the solutions from KB 116685 How do I tune Parallels Access for better performance?


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