How can I rename a computer in Parallels Access?

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I would like to rename a computer I connect to with the help of Parallels Access.


You can rename a computer you connect to from a mobile device or in your Parallels account.

Change a computer's name in Parallels Account

1. Sign in to your account and go to the Dashboard.  There click on Remote Computers menu item presented under Parallels Access product:


2. You will see the Computers tab with all the computers you connect to with Parallels Access.

Click on the  icon of the machine you would like to rename to make the line editable:

3. Enter a new name and save the changes by clicking on the tick:

Now your computer has a new name in the Parallels Access interface.

Change a computer's name in Parallels Access application on your mobile device

1. Start Parallels Access application on a mobile device.

2. In the list of computers tap on the cogwheel icon under the computer you would like to rename:

3. Enter a new name and then tap on Rename to save changes:


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