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Dynamic resolution does not work in Mac OS X virtual machine

  • Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Home Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition


Dynamic resolution does not work in Mac OS X virtual machine. The screen is blurred.


The process responsible for dynamic resolution ('dynres') hasn't been started properly.


  1. Open virtual machine configuration -> Options -> FullScreen and change Scale to fit screen from 'Auto' to 'Keep ration'. Once it is changed, return it back to 'Auto'.
  2. In Mac OS X virtual machine open Activity Monitor (Finder -> Applications -> Utilities), in the Menu bar set View -> All Proccesses.
  3. Locate dynres process. If it is there, kill it.
  4. Open Finder, in menu bar: Go -> Go to Folder. In the appeared window type the following path:

    /Library/Parallels Guest Tools/ and hit Go
  5. This should open Macintosh HD/Library/Parallels Guest Tools/ directory. Locate and start dynres process.

If dynres is not located in /Library/Parallels Guest Tools/:

  1. Copy it from dynres to the /Library/Parallels Guest Tools/ directory manually.

  2. Start Terminal (Finder -> Applications -> Utilities) and execute the following commands:

    sudo su

    Now enter your Mac user password and hit Return (you will not see the symbols you type, that is ok):

    cd /Library/Parallels\ Guest\ Tools/
    chmod u+x dynres
  3. Restart the virtual machine and check the issue.

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