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How to launch Windows applications from Mac Terminal?

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition


While working with the Virtual Machine sometimes I would like to launch Windows applications from Mac Terminal.


  1. Share Windows applications with Mac:

    Open virtual machine configuration: Options > Application > check 'Share Windows applications with Mac'.

  2. Open Terminal application (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal);

  3. Copy the following command, paste it into Terminal window and press Return:

      prlctl list --all

    The output should look similar to the following:

      UUID                                   STATUS  IP_ADDR NAME 
      {3e21f02b-9d52-4ebe-a079-675dc822d723} running -       Windows 7
  4. Copy and paste the following command into Terminal window:

      cd Applications\ \(Parallels\)/\
  5. Copy the UUID from the output of the step 3. ({3e21f02b-9d52-4ebe-a079-675dc822d723} in the example) and paste it at the end of the "cd Applications\ (Parallels)/\".

  6. Between the last numeral and '}', please paste '\':

      cd Applications\ \(Parallels\)/\{9e4109f7-0bee-4b53-82bb-5671e69fa529\}
  7. Copy and paste the following at the end of the string:

      \ Applications.localized/

    So now you will have something similar to this:

      cd Applications\ \(Parallels\)/\{9e4109f7-0bee-4b53-82bb-5671e69fa529\}\ Applications.localized/

    Hit Return/Enter.

  8. To see the list of applications, please execute:

  9. To start the application type 'open ' + the name of the application.

NOTE: If the application name contains space, you need to add '\' symbol before the space, e.g. to start 'World of' you need to type:

      open World\ of\

You can also start typing the name and press 'tab' for auto-completing.

NOTE: Parallels Desktop does not support using Windows applications arguments when launching them from the Terminal

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